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The Science of People is Our Namesake

For over 15 years, Pathways Paver has been assisting individuals and organizations to unlock the power of organizational science to more effectively and efficiently execute on their missions, visions, and values. We use the bodies of scientific evidence in the fields of psychology and management — combined with robust univariate and multivariate data analytic strategies — to provide evidence-based solutions for organizations of every size, industry, and stage of development. We partner with our clients to assess and diagnose barriers to success, identify appropriate steps to help reduce challenges to achieving success, develop processes and people to manage change efforts, and coach clients through the stages of individual and organizational change. Our success only comes when our clients reach their successes and we are enthusiastic about walking the change pathways with them.

Dr. North is trained in the theory and application of critical topics across the field of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology and has 20 years of business experience across industries such as telecommunication, advertising, manufacturing, client services and support, higher education, talent management, and experience management (customer, employee, product, and brand). One conversation at a time, he assists organizations, both small and large, to leverage their strengths to meet the needs of their various stakeholders. He facilitates conversations, assessments, and interventions to better understand and ultimately improve business processes, selects and trains individual contributors and leaders, and manages organizational development and change to best meet intended strategies. Unlocking the extensive body of scientific knowledge, his passion and dedication is to train, develop, mentor, and coach across various corporate and educational settings. In short, he desires for his clients to reach their hidden potentials. He utilizes univariate and multivariate statistical analyses, face-to-face and eLearning pedagogical principles rooted in adult learning principles, and is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. He is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (SToP). He lives in the Provo/Orem metropolitan area of Utah with his wife, Patricia, and their three children, Ivy, Collin, and Logan.

Mark North, PhD

Principal Consultant | Founder

Our Objective

While our clients are the experts, we view ourselves as partners in your success, We are your trusted confidants with a goal to equip you with the best in scientific findings, approaches, and practices that will help you achieve the individual and collective successes you have in mind. We develop assessment and implementation strategies to complement our services such that you can be sure that there is a tangible and manifested return on your investment.

We offer services that assist you to increase individual and organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Our services are largely customized to meet the most specific of needs, but a few of the services we offer include:

Organizational Metrics and Data Analytics

Organizations measure what matters: does your organization measuring those things that indicate success with your vision, mission, and values? The tangible and intangible business outcomes of your organization deserve defining, measuring, analyzing, and sense-making of the important individual and group characteristics that make you….YOU.

Training and Development

Update your training and development content and processes into effective learning systems embedded within unique organizational contexts and focus on rich developmental opportunities based on on-the-job experiences. We leverage foundational and contemporary theories in learning, training, and curriculum and course development.

Performance Management

Developing your organization’s talent requires a map…but a map can only be written when an origin and a destination are selected. Thus, to help your organization’s members acquire relevant and needed knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics, performance management processes and tools establish a baseline from which people start.

Leadership, Team, and Organizational Development

Navigating change in today’s diversified and globalized world requires dedication, persistence, and management tools to help ease people and processes toward more adaptive outcomes. Build your organization up for success by developing leadership capacity and structuring interpersonal dynamics that lead to effective teamwork.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaches and clients work collaboratively to clarify and set specific and measurable goals, identify and remove obstacles toward those goals, develop and implement interventions, and measure the results of those efforts. Executive coaching has the capacity to increase expertise for clients that translates into tangible and intangible returns.

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